'GMO Tilapia hits Ghanaian market'

| Updated Oct 18, 2017 at 2:31am




Are you a lover of tilapia? Then you must be extra cautious when buying it. This is because of reports of alleged introduction of Genetically Modified Tilapia into the country by some Chinese expatriates. The Chinese are said to mix their feed with steroids which do not only make the tilapia develop in three months but also pollute the Volta lake. The GMO debate in Ghana has been raging on since 2013 with many including, Food Sovereignty Ghana, kicking against it. They argue that there is evidence of harm from GMOs including Liver and Kidney damages, birth defects and sterility. According to a freelance journalist in the Volta region, Kofi Adzivor, the GMO tilapia is already on the market. He has filed this report.

Listen to attached audio for detailed information