Deputy Minister apologises for derogatory comments about people of Northern Extraction

| Updated Aug 28, 2017 at 3:14pm


William Quaitoo


Deputy Minister of Agriculture, William Quaitoo has retracted derogatory comments he made about people of Northern extraction and subsequently apologised for his poor judgement over the issue.

He begged Ghanaians, particularly people of the North, to forgive his “unguarded” tribal comments.

A statement issued by Mr. Quaitoo immediately after his comments on an Accra radio station apologised unreservedly, adding that he did not think about the consequences of his comments before making them.

Mr. Quaitoo said he had lived in the North for 27 years and sees Northerners as his siblings.

He will therefore not do anything to break the bond and relationship with them.

Mr. Quaitoo in a live radio interview described northerners as “difficult people” while reacting to complaints from farmers in the area on how their farms have been destroyed by the fall armyworm, and appealed for some form of compensation.

Mr. Quaitoo is reported to have asked that anybody in the north, whose farm has been destroyed by fall armyworm, must prove it, adding that Northerners are so difficult to deal with.

He said those making the allegations are doing so in order to take money from the government, adding, ‘‘that is what they do all the time''.

The comments drew sharp condemnation from members of the public, some of whom demanded his immediate dismissal.

Meanwhile ''The Northern Chapter of Members of the Democratic Youth Alliance'' have expressed their disgust at what they describe as naked insult hailed on them by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture William Quaittoo.

The youth Alliance said it is now obvious that some people in government deliberately malign people of Northern extraction for their own parochial interest.

The Alliance insists that the President must sack the deputy Agriculture Minister in spite of his apology.