One person is in critical condition following a renewed clash at Alavanyo on Sunday, August 27. The person is said to be seriously injured and in a critical condition after sporadic gunshots by individuals believed to be from Nkonya.

| Updated Aug 27, 2017 at 8:07pm



The Assemblyman for the Alavanyo Agorve Electoral Area, Tsorkor Raymond, told an Accra radio “Class FM’s Volta Regional Correspondent, Emmanuel Atukpa, that the injured is the ‘Odikro’ for the town and he has been rushed to the Kpando Hospital for medical attention.

According to him, “the people of Nkonya entered Alavanyo and even shot a man, our Odikro for the town”.

He said the incident has been reported to the police who dispatched personnel to the town.

Tsorkor Raymond revealed that the paramount chief is out of town and some emissaries have been sent to inform him about the latest incident.

It is barely a few month since a curfew imposed on the area was reviewed as the two towns have been under a dusk-to-dawn curfew over a protracted land dispute spanning almost a century.

Government announced the takeover of the disputed parcel of land months ago, however, Security Expert, Emmanuel Bombande, has observed earlier in an interview that the conflict between the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo has gone beyond land.

According to him, although the conflict may have been started by disagreement over land some nine decades ago, it has resulted in deep-seated resentment, mutual suspicion, and hatred among the two communities, and so if the government has taken over the land, it must also look at these issues as a way of finding lasting solutions to the problem.