Exton Cubic Claims Seizure Of Equipment Estimate $40,000 Daily

| Updated Aug 26, 2017 at 6:00pm



Lawyer for Exton Cubic Limited, Reindorf Twumasi Ankrah has served notice of a suit against the state over what he describes as the unlawful seizure of Ibrahim Mahama’s Engineers and Planners (E&P) vehicles and mining equipment.

Vehicles and equipment belonging to Exton Cubic’s sub-contractor, Ibrahim Mahama’s Engineers and Planners (E&P), were impounded in the Nyinahin Township on orders from the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, following suspicions the mining company was operating illegally.

Mr. Ankrah believes the state wrongfully interfered with their client’s right to prospect on the Nyinahin Bauxite Concession of Tano Offin forest reserve when their vehicles and equipment were seized.

The seizure of mining equipment belonging to Ibrahim Mahama’s Engineers and Planners (E&P), which was undertaking some preparatory work in the forest for Exton Cubic, culminated in the mining company accusing the Ashanti Regional Minister of unlawfully impounding vehicles belonging to Engineers and Planners and detaining its officers.

The Minerals Commission in statememt, directed Exton Cubic Group Limited to halt operations at the Nyinahin bauxite concession of the Tano Offin Forest reserve.

It said Exton Cubic shall obtain the “necessary approvals and permits as may be required by law from the Forest Commission on Water Resources Commission and the Environment Agency or any other regulatory body” before “undertaking an activity or operation under the mining lease.”

The order follows claims by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that Exton Cubic Group Limited’s current operations in the Nyinahin bauxite concession are illegal.

Mr. Ankrah however, argued in a statement that the recent frustrations to halt its exploration of the concession which resulted in the seizure of trucks have caused their client “financial loss.”

“We have been instructed by our client that the seizure and detention of the said trucks has not only adversely affected our client’s business operations but has occasioned and continues to cause our client, financial loss.”

“In the light of the foregoing, our client has instructed us to serve you notice of its intention to institute legal proceedings against the State as a result of the wrongful interference by state officials with our client’s right to prospect on its concession and also a breach of its right to administrative justice,” the statement said.

According to Exton Cubic, the losses started on August 20, when the vehicles were impounded in the Nyinahin township.

SOURCE: Joy News