Education Directors reject suggestions to allow SHS Students use mobile phones

| Updated Aug 23, 2017 at 3:00pm



The National President of the Conference of Education Directors, Margaret Frempong-Koree, says students at lower level of education are overburdened with nine subjects which affect their performance.

She said the performance of students in Mathematics and English over the years has been abysmal and therefore reducing the number of subjects will give them ample time to master the two subjects.

The President of the Directors of Education said the Conference supports the free SHS programme, but cautioned government not to delay the release of funds for the free SHS programme.

She was speaking on GBC’s Current Affairs programme, ‘Focus’.

An Educationist, Dr. Kwabena Tandoh said examination at lower primary must be scrapped, because pupils at that tender age are still developing and examination should not be used as basis for their progression.

On the licensing of teachers, Dr. Tandoh said examination should not be the only yardstick for a teacher to be issued with a license.

The Executive Secretary of the National Teaching Council, Dr. Mrs. Evelyn Oduro-Wusu, said it is unfortunate that some teachers are kicking against the licensing.

She said teachers stand to gain so much if the policy is carried through.

Meanwhile, the National President of the Conference of Education Directors, Margaret Frempong-Koree has rejected calls for students in Senior High School to be allowed to use mobile phones in school.

Rather stakeholders must push for schools to be well equipped with computer labs with functioning internet facility.

Speaking on GBC’s Current Affairs programme, ‘Focus’, Madam Frempong-Koree said teachers cannot control the use of mobile phones by students if the suggestion is carried through and could affect the performance of the students.

An Educationist and Technology Advocate, Chris Worla Essikpe, says the GES should regulate the use of mobile phones, rather than completely banning their use in pre-tertiary schools.

According to him, the world has advanced and Ghana cannot choose to remain in the old ways.