NAB warns tertiary institutions running courses without accreditation

| Updated Aug 22, 2017 at 3:08pm



Kwame Dattey
The Executive Secretary of the National Accreditation Board, Kwame Dattey, says the Board is going to take drastic measures against tertiary institutions running courses without accreditation.

Mr Dattey has also cautioned parents to check if the institutions they are enrolling their wards in are accredited.

Speaking to Radio Ghana, the Executive Secretary said employers who have doubts of a certificate can apply to the Board for authentication of such certificates and its equivalent.

The Executive Secretary said the Board has also been monitoring courses run by tertiary institutions especially those online.

Mr. Dattey said after accrediting an institution, the Board also undertakes an academic audit of staff to check if lecturers engaged by the institution have the requisite knowledge to teach the courses of which the institution is established.

On programes run by the NDC School of Social Democracy, he said such courses are proficiency courses for their followers and therefore, they do not need accreditation from the board.