NAGRAT Kicks Against GES's Directive On Special Examination For Teachers

| Updated Aug 16, 2017 at 1:30pm


Angel Carbonu


The Vice President of the National Graduate Teachers Association,(NAGRAT ) Angel Carbonu says the new directive for professional teachers to write exams to obtain licenses to teach is unacceptable.

He said the proposal has worsened the fact that teachers are being asked to pay certain fees to obtain the license.

The Ministry of Education announced that teachers will now have to pass a special examination before being granted the licence to teach, the National Teachers Council, (NTC).

The move which is in accordance with the new Teachers Licencing Policy under the Education Act 778 (2008) is to enforce discipline and eliminate non-performing teachers from the system.

Speaking on Radio Ghana's Current Affairs Program, "Behind The News" Mr. Carbonu however, said government cannot implement such a policy when there has not been any concrete agreement between teachers and government.

Mr. Carbonu was of the view that the quality of education does not solely lie on the teacher but depends on many factors including the attitude of the student towards learning. Licensing, therefore, will not make any difference.

Also on the same program, the Chairman of the Ghana Education Service Council, Michael Nsowah says the issuing of licences to professional teachers is necessary to regulate their activities and ensure they do the right thing.

He told GBC's George Asekere that the initiative will inject a high level of seriousness and respectability to the teaching profession.