Jan 16, 2012 at 9:41am
16th January, 2011
The Daily Graphic welcomes a suggestion by participants at the just ended New Year School which among other thing called on state and non state actors to consider taking certain decisions with regards to the oil sector. It says there are a few grey areas in the petroleum management law, but participants agreed that the legal intervention offers a progressive step towards averting the oil curse. The Graphic believes the expectations of the nation can be met if the oil drilling is carried out in a transparent environment where the public can have access to information on the industry. The paper challenges government and other stakeholders in the industry to ensure that the oil benefits everybody.

The Times lauds speakers at the 63rd New Year School for focusing on the prudent use and management of the country's oil find. The paper believes the discussions offered the country enough food for thought on the management of the oil resources especially in political campaigns. This it says is significant as politicians would want to play politics with everything especially the oil find. In view of this, the Times cautions political parties and individual politicians to tread cautiously when it comes to the issues of Ghana's oil resources, as they seek the mandate of the people. To the paper truth should be the watchword because the electorate are now discerning especially with promises that are achievable and the ones that are not.

The Daily Guide expresses gratitude to Ghanaians for the show of solidarity with one of its photographers who was recently manhandled by operatives of the BNI. The paper says it is overwhelmed by the unalloyed support. It says it is emboldened to continue in the struggle to protect democracy.

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