Aug 12, 2011 at 1:47pm
Joyce Midley [GTV Sports/The Breakfast Show]
Joyce is in her thirties and is the last of five children. She was born in Tema to Mr and Mrs Robert Midley who are from Cape Coast. Her early education was at Star Kindergarten Primary School in Tema. She continued to Tema Methodist Secondary School and then joined Ghana Institute of Journalism from 1998-2002.

When GBC Web Xtra asked her whether she was having an affair with him, she said,“Does that matter?” She’s been broken hearted for an uncountable number of times, “dearest me” she said. When asked to tell us about the most memorable one, she said “may be the one with Earl” “Seriously?”, I asked. She smiles, saying “just joking”, hitting me on the shoulder and laughing.

Joyce is a Regular Fellow of the Deutsche Welle Academy in Germany, where media brains from different parts of the world meet.

Joyce loves cooking, particularly continental dishes but hates pizza. Her favourite meal is aubergine with salad.

She was asked of the naughtiest thing she has ever done and she said “the day I stole alcoholic wine from the fridge because I wanted to know how it felt like to taste alcohol. “Hmm, believe me I received the beating of my life”, she said.

Joyce is a fan of Dag Heward Mills, Tuface Idibia and Oprah Winfrey.

Web xtra asked her what she thinks people say about her and she said “I hear they think I’m full of myself, but I’m quite reserved. “I think that is why they say so”.

She was full of laughter when asked whether she watches GTV and said “yes, l do but l monitor other networks". Giving examples of programs she loves watching on GTV she mentioned "Rhythms" (l never miss it) she whispered.
“And the Breakfast Show?” I asked
“Yes” she laughed, “l enjoy watching it”.

Web xtra:- I hear you are paid big money for presenting the breakfast show?

Joyce:- “I wish”, she laughs.

Web xtra asked what she looks out for in a guy and she said “he must be good looking, genuine and hard working enough, to be able to take good care of me”.

Web xtra:-hm money first!, what about the quality of being God fearing.

Joyce:-oh yes and also a God fearing man.

Web xtra:- So when are we hearing the bells?...she laughs.

She was asked of the kind of clothing and perfumes she loves and she said “l love body hugging dresses, pencil heel shoes, and perfumes by good designers”.

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