Partners in Agro Chemical products expresses worry over high prices & fake Agro Chemical products in Ghana

| Updated Feb 03, 2017 at 5:00am



Participants at a workshop on right use and application of Agro Chemical and farming inputs in Ghana have expressed concern about the high prices and circulation of fake agro chemical products in the country.

The high prices especially cocoa chemicals and inputs is denying farmers the opportunity to patronize them to increase output to address the challenges of food and cash crops.

Radio Ghana's Correspondent Thomas Nsowah-Adjei was there for Radio Ghana and reports that the participants mainly farmers, agro chemical distributors and retailers also appealed to government to reduce huge taxes on the chemicals and fertilizers to make them affordable to farmers.

The climate change is also having impact on the fertility of the soil and is therefore calling for the application of fertilizer on farms as almost all the lands have lost their natural fertility.

The programme organized by Chemico Limited, a Ghanaian based Agro Chemical Production company was meant to educate the participants on the proper handling of agro-chemicals, improve on quality, difference between fake and legitimate ones, packaging and distribution.

The participants described the circulation of fake chemicals which unsuspecting farmers are patronizing as very disturbing and dangerous.

The Director of Sales and Marketing of Chemico, Prince Agyemang Yeboah said the company is trying to change the bottles of some of the chemicals into colour to make it extremely difficult to contaminate and also difference between fake and authentic products.

He said comprehensive programme to educate the retailers and farmers to know how to handle the chemicals is to be put in place to ensure that the right quantity is sold and required dosage applied by the farmers.

Extension services will also be provided to coordinate between farmers and the retailers.