Mar 05, 2013 at 7:07am
The Country Is On Track To Consolidate Its Middle Income Status- Finance Minister
Minister of Finance and Economic Mr Seth Terkpe says Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) will hasten its reforms to increase tax revenues in the country. Also Government will consolidate economic fundamentals built over the years.

The Finance Minister Seth Terkper said this when he read the budget statement to Parliament today. Mr Terkpe said government knows the sources of budget deficits and will seriously take steps to address them.

According to him, the country needs to rely on its own resources for developmental needs. He gave the assurance that the country is on track to consolidate its middle income status. He also promised government’s commitment to implement local content policy this to him will enhance the country’s competitiveness on the global market.

On structural reforms, the Minister noted that measures will be put in place to ensure that policy on single spine will be implemented in the 5-year period rather than being pushed in a period of two years. Adding that government will push subverted agencies to speed up control and management of the Single Spine pay roll.
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