Mar 05, 2013 at 11:42am
5th March, 2013
As the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning presents the government budget statement and economic policy to Parliament today, the Today Newspaper wishes to hear from the Minister estimates of what government could have achieved within last year and what percentage the country is yet to achieve in today’s budget. The paper also wishes the Minister to tell Ghanaians how government intends to accomplish projection in this year’s budget. According to the paper, a large chunk of the 2012 budget could not be fulfilled and steps must be taken to ensure that this year's budget estimates are within range

The Daily Graphic commends Rlg Communications Limited for yet another bold initiative to turn Ghana into a knowledge society and major economic player on the African Continent. Knowledge they say is power so it is the hope of the paper that the youth will take advantage of Hope City to renew hope in themselves. The Graphic says it understands the difficulties that confront public sector workers as they come to terms with the new realities on the ground. It is the prayer of the Graphic that Roland Agambire, Chief Executive Officer of Rlg, Communications will receive the necessary cooperation to realise this big dream. The paper notes that Ghana's fortunes can be turned around if opportunities in ICT are leveraged.

The Ghanaian Times put the searchlight on the Police Service and the crucial role it plays in contemporary Ghana. It says the population has increased and society has become sophisticated coupled with the introduction of ICT thus assigning to the Police additional duties as well as redefining their functions. The Times says though the functions of the Ghana Police Service as stipulated in the Service Act 1970 (Act 350) are crime detection and prevention of offenders, the Service has been stretched to its limit by new development, demands and challenges.

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