16th May, 2018

| Updated May 16, 2018 at 10:02am



The Daily Graphic writes on tackling depleting fish stock. The paper is of the view that Ghana has been blessed with forest and water bodies which have been of immense benefit to the citizenry all this while. However, the over-exploitation of these resources appears to be having negative effect on the resources, a development which calls for serious step to be taken to stem the trend. The Graphic says the news that about one-fourth of the fishing vessels that operate from Tema Harbour return home from fishing expeditions without a catch as not surprising, since the signs have been on the wall for a very long time. It recommends that Ghana go back to encourage fish farming in the communities and by individuals to improve fish stocks to meet demands of the people now and for posterity.

The Ghanaian Times recommends resourcing the Mental Health Authority for efficient operation. It says the major challenge with mental healthcare delivery in Ghana has to do with funding, rehabilitation and re-integration of people suffering from mental health back into society. The paper is appealing to government to expedite work to put in place the Legislative Instrument and sustainable sources of funding for the efficient and effective operations of the authority and psychiatric hospitals.