Bolgatanga GRA-Customs Division exceeds 2018 first quarter target

| Updated Apr 24, 2018 at 6:39pm



The Bolgatanga Collection Sector Commander of the GRA Customs Division, Francis Tanlongo, has appealed to the media to lead the crusade for Ghanaians to know their civic rights and responsibilities, particularly on issues relating to taxation.

He said it will be heartwarming for the GRA, if journalist could make room for tax reporting and not exclude them from their daily reportage.

Mr. Tanlongo made the call at a press soiree organized by GRA in Bolgatanga.

He expressed the need for media practitioners to help them sensitize Ghanaians not only on human interest stories, but also report on what people should know or must know.

Mr. Tanlongo revealed that the GRA-Customs Division target in 2017 was nine million, nine-hundred thousand Ghana cedis and they managed to collect thirteen million, three hundred and eighty thousand, nine hundred and eighteen Ghana cedis exceeding the target by three million, four hundred and eighty thousand, nine hundred and eighteen Ghana cedis representing a positive deviation of 35.16 percent.

He said the strategies that accounted for this achievement were vigorous patrols as well as tax education, radio presentations, seminars held to educate their clients on the need to be tax compliant and a very healthy collaboration with their sister security organizations such as the BNI, Police, National security, as well as well-meaning Ghanaians who volunteered information.

Mr. Tanlongo further stated that the target given to them for 2018 is eleven million, four hundred and thirty thousand Ghana cedis and they will repeat the strategies used in 2017 to exceed the 2018 target.

He noted that they have exceeded the first quarter target of two million, eight hundred thousand Ghana cedis by 59.80 percent.

He said the total revenue collected for the first quarter came up to four million, four hundred and seventy-four thousand, two hundred and ninety-three Ghana cedis against the set target of two million, eight hundred thousand Ghana cedis.

The Manager of the Bolgatanga Small Taxpayers Office of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Mark-Donald Pwawari, said the Bolgatanga STO is tasked to collect a tax revenue of sixteen million, six hundred and sixteen thousand, four hundred and eighty-four Ghana cedis this year.

According to him, despite the unfavorable economic conditions in 2017, the Bolgatanga STO was able to collect thirteen million, eight hundred and eighty four thousand, three hundred and eighty five Ghana cedis out of the target of fourteen million, seven hundred and ninety eight thousand and thirty four Ghana cedis thereby missing the target by nine hundred and thirteen thousand and forty nine Ghana cedis which translate into a negative deviation of six percent.

Mr. Pwawari said his outfit will map-out strategies including widening the tax net, intensify tax education to encourage voluntary compliance, regular visits to taxpayers and withholding agents and increase efforts to get all tricycle owners to pay the vehicle income tax.

He emphasized that with the deployment of Total Revenue Integrated Processing System, TRIPS, in the Bolgatanga STO, they are able to generate TIN within a short time.

He explained that TRIPS is a computer software for managing databases for controlling and administering revenue as well as tax payment processes.

Story by GBC's Ayammah Samuel