16th April, 2018

| Updated Apr 16, 2018 at 10:10am



The Ghanaian Times is worried about the continuous reports that Ghana is one of the accident-prone countries on the African continent. The paper says this does not auger well for the country's Socio Economic development, because it has a heavy on burden the country's GDP. The paper appeals to stakeholders to help stop the carnage on the roads.

The Daily Graphic is concerned about the water crisis that has hit Tamale and Yendi in the Northern Region and the neglect by the appropriate quarters to address the situation. The paper says challenges confronting people in the Northern Region appear not to attract the quickest attention and that is not right. The Graphic blames the water crisis on lack of proper and long term measures to ensure adequacy in the system. While urging the right offices to see to the quick resolution of the water situation, it also urges the indigenes to find ways to dig deep wells to ensure that they have access to water without always relying on national supply.

The Today Newspaper: says it is important to have a national policy on natural solution for the conservation and protection of water resources in the country. The paper says the national policy must focus on a conscious effort of ensuring behavioral change by incorporating it in the educational curriculum in schools. The paper believes that, when nature- based solutions are effectively adopted, it will address water management challenges.