No pharmacist should dispense Tramadol above 50/100 milligrams - Pharmaceutical Society

| Updated Apr 13, 2018 at 6:04pm



The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana says no Pharmacist can dispense Tramadol without prescription or even sell above the registered dosage approved by the Food and Drugs Authority.

Deputy General Secretary of the society, Kwame Preprah Boaitey said the society has cautioned it's members to be wary of people who request for the drugs.

He said no pharmacist will administer Tramadol above the registered dosage but did not rule out the activities of unscrupulous ones.

Mr Boaitey said the society is collaborating with the Food and Drugs Authority and the Pharmacy Council on how to stop the abuse of the drug.

He said the high dosage of Tramadol on the market gets into the system through unapproved routes.