13th February, 2018

| Updated Feb 22, 2018 at 7:36am



The Daily Graphic wonders, "who is in charge of traffic lights in the country'? The paper is worried about the absence of street lights and road markings as well as non-functioning traffic lights. According to the Graphic, electricity consumers are charged for streets lights monthly. It therefore does not see why motorists should contend with clear danger on the roads at night. Statistics show that quite a number of accidents occur in the night and more than six thousand people have been killed in road accidents in the last three years. The Graphic notes that if the monies charged for street lights are not being utilised then the Utility Companies have no business billing the people.

The Ghanaian Times is worried over acts of violence and vandalism characterizing the location or relocation of district capitals in the creation of new assemblies as government embarks on its decentralisation agenda. The paper points to the recent clashes at Foase in the Ashanti region where three people are reported dead over an attempt by the DCE to implement a decision by a court to relocate the district capital. The paper calls on the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and Parliamentary committee on Local Government and Rural Development to undertake outreach programmes to engage stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the problem.

The Daily Heritage stresses dangers involved in abuse of pills especially those for women. The paper urges teenagers to be cautious over the use of contraceptives; else they develop complications when they are ready to conceive.