11th January, 2018

| Updated Jan 11, 2018 at 9:41am



The Daily Heritage commends the Governing Board of the GBC for advising management to hold on to the prosecution of defaulters of TV licence and allaying the fears of the public of prosecution. The paper says it is worthwhile that the corporation maintains the long standing relationship with its listeners and viewers. The Heritage hopes the public will collaborate and support GBC as it explores more funding modules to discharge its constitutional mandate.

The Daily Graphic is happy that apart from refining the country's oil for foreign exchange to shore up its foreign reserves, the gas that will be produced can also be fed into the national grid to increase the country's power generation capacity. The paper says this will create jobs and grow of the economy. The Graphic however cautions that, any negotiations that will follow in the drilling of oil should be transparent so that the nation would not need to revisit any transactions in case of a change in government and also ensure that the oil find benefits the people.

The Ghanaian calls for respect for Zebra crossing. The paper urges the Ministry of Transport and relevant agencies to collaborate with the MTTD to intensify public education. This, the Times believes will ensure compliance of road traffic regulations especially zebra crossing since those crossings are not only a moral but legal obligation.