How to roll up jeans

| Updated Jan 08, 2018 at 11:28am



You may have noticed that a lot of men roll up the cuffs of their jeans. There are a few reasons why they do, the biggest being practicality. “Jeans are often too long, so that they’ll fit different leg lengths,” says Thread stylist Brooke Philips. “If you can’t get them taken up – or don’t want to – then cuffing them is a quick and easy way to get a better fit.”

But there are aesthetic reasons, too. “You might want to show off your shoes, socks or – in the summer – your ankles,” says Brooke. “It also gives you more flexibility than having them tailored.” When it’s warm, you might want them slightly higher than in the middle of winter. “But don’t go too high. Around the ankle or a couple of inches above is ideal. People should know you’re wearing trousers, not think you’re in pedal pushers.”

If your jeans are lightweight, or only an inch or so too long, then rolling is simple – fold the hem back once, then again if you want a cleaner cuff. But weightier denim, or jeans that are longer or fairly wide, poses a problem. “You can end up with something that looks really chunky,” says Brooke. In that case, try this quick-fix technique, which will give you perfect cuffs and no bulging around your ankles.

Roll jeans
Step 1 – the length
Stand with your jeans unrolled and work out where you want the cuff to sit. Do you want to show off some sock? Have them kiss the top of your shoes? If you’re unsure, then just touching the laces is generally a good bet.

Step 2 – the tuck
Make a fold in the fabric and tuck the excess inside the leg of your jeans, like a telescope. It should finish with the crease a couple of inches from the hem of your trousers, with the trousers around two inches longer than you where you want them to finish.

Rolling jeans step 3
Fold the hem up to make a two-inch cuff, high enough that it covers the crease you made in step 2. If you don’t want to have to re-cuff every time you put the jeans back on, use four safety pins to hold the crease in place. Just make sure they’re on the inside, so no one can see them.

Source: THREAD