South Dayi MP unhappy with exclusion of towns power connectivity

| Updated Nov 24, 2017 at 8:13am


Rockson Defeamekpor, South Day MP.


The attempt by the Member of Parliament for South Dayi, in the Volta Region, Rockson-Nelson Etsey Kwame Defeamekpor, to draw the government attention through the Ministry of Energy, to the fact that, four communities under his jurisdiction need to be connected to The National Grid has worsened matters.

The MP on the floor of Parliament asked the Sector Minister, "when the following towns in the South Dayi District will be connected to the national grid: Akpato, Sodzikofe, Kpongbonikofe and Ablebui?", but in his answer, Mr. Boakye Agyarko was emphatic that, government of the day has no intention to extend electricity to these 'poor' people.

The Minister said, "Akpato, Sodzikofe, Kpongbonikofe and Ablebui communities do not form part of any of the ongoing electrification projects being undertaken by the Ministry of Energy".

He however, added that "these communities have been noted and would be considered for future electrification projects ".
Reacting to the answers, Mr. Defeamekpor noted that, "I'm not satisfied with the answers but once he's given an indication that, these communities will be included in the next projects to be rolled out, I'm okay with it. But, the other interesting thing is that, the Minister could not give any timelines, as to when the next projects will be rolled out".

The MP meanwhile, assured his constituents to remain calm as he is prepared to continue to pursue and monitor, so that as soon as the new projects are rolled out, I will make sure these communities in South Dayi District benefit from it.

Story by Francis Edzorna Mensah.