NAGRAT disappointed at the absence of President and Vice at National Best Teacher Awards

| Updated Oct 17, 2017 at 9:36pm



The National Association of Graduate Teachers, NAGRAT, has expressed disappointment at the absence of the President and the Vice at the 23rd National Best Teacher awards ceremony.

The President of NAGRAT Christian Addai Poku said this is a dent on the occasion.

Usually the first gentleman or his Vice graces the occasion, however it was not so this time round as the President was on a tour of the Northern Sector of the country while the Vice President was handling other matters. Mr. Addai Poku in an interview with Radio Ghana said though the Minister in charge of Tertiary education was present, the absence of the President took the shine out of the programme.

Mr. Addai Poku added his voice to calls for the day to be declared a Statutory Public holiday.

Contributing to the issue, the Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, David Ofori Acheampong said publicity on the celebration was poor, adding that the awards did not cut across the country.

Mr. Acheampong also shares the idea of making the day a Statutory Public holiday.

The chairman of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition, Bright Appiah was of the view that making Teachers' Day a holiday is not important, rather the welfare and condition of teachers should be of paramount interest.

Meanwhile the National Best Teacher, Faustina Cobson has been explaining to GBC`s Radio Ghana what the award means to her.

She told GBC`s George Asekere that the award is a big win for women in the fight for gender equality.