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Nov 06, 2012 at 10:23am
US Election: Obama, Romney tied in tiny New Hampshire hamlet
Two tiny towns in the US state of New Hampshire have become the first to vote on election day for their president.

The polls opened at midnight at Hart’s Location in White Mountain National Forest and in the tiny hamlet of Dixville Notch, where 24-year-old Tanner Tillotson was the first of ten registered voters to cast his ballot.

“It’s a little exiliharating, a little intimidating. It’s actually the second time I have had the honour of being the first of the nation. I love the Dixville Notch tradition, I think it’s a microcosm… I really hope it’s an inspiration for people to see the small town voting process. I hope it shows people the importance of getting out there and making your say heard,” said Tillotson.

The tradition of being the first town to vote was given to Hart’s Location in 1948 so that railway workers could participate in the polls without taking leave. Dixville Notch started midnight voting 15 years later.

EJ Powers, manager of the resort which was turned into a polling station for the election said: “We take voting seriously here in New Hampshire and particularly we take vote seriously here in Dixville Notch. Since 1960 Dixville Notch is the first area in the Country to cast their ballot for the presidential primary but also for the general election”.

Within 43 seconds, all 10 voters in Dixville Notch had made their choice. In perhaps a sign of the day that lies ahead, Obama and Romney each won five votes. In 2008 Obama won a clear victory.

In Hart’s Location, Obama won 23 of the 33 votes.

SOURCE: euronews
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