Pindaa Community Health Compound In Devastating State

| Updated Sep 12, 2017 at 12:59pm



Photo Courtesy/GBC: Dangmaa Felix Lambert
The only community health facility in the Pindaa community of the Kassena Nankana municipality of the Upper East region is in an appalling state.

On a visit to the facility, GBC’s Upper East regional correspondent Dangmaa Felix Lambert reports that the ceilings, walls of the facility and the fence wall looked very weak and in an awful state of repair.

The several challenges confronting the health facility make it a death trap for health workers and patients who visit the facility daily. Commissioned in 2008, the facility has never been renovated.

The numerous water stains, some of them completely black spotted on the ceilings of the bedrooms, store and consulting rooms, were a clear indication of badly leaking roofs. Arguably this could affect the electrical works.

All the external roofing boards had deteriorated and hence could no more support the roofing sheets in place.

Despite being less than 10 years old, the poor state of the walls of the CHPs compound including the fence wall were devastating and connoting the characteristics of a very old building. Some of the cracks on the walls have begun exposing electrical cables and have rendered the walls very weak.

Almost all the louvre blades were broken making health delivery a challenge during the rainy seasons. Some of the doors, especially the door into the consulting room, were broken at the bottom, implying that the protection of the contents and the lives of staff who sleep there, is not guaranteed.

The only toilet facility was out of use and information reaching Radio Ghana reveals that this is due to the stench emanating from it that makes it very uncomfortable for patients and health workers at the Out Patient Department.

This means that staff and patients who visit the facility daily practice open defecation. Despite all these challenges facing the Pindaa CHPs compound, it does benefit from a 24-hour electricity supply via solar and this ensures the effective operation of the solar fridge which is a storage facility for drugs and vaccines.

The facility also has a bore hole just outside the main fence wall which ensures the continuous supply of water.

Most importantly, there have been two health staff working during each of the news crews five visits to the facility.

Whilst Radio Ghana, commends the district and regional health directorate for ensuring the operationalization of the Pindaa community CHPs compound, there is the need for the facility to be renovated.