12th September, 2017

| Updated Sep 12, 2017 at 11:20am



The Daily Graphic commends government for fulfilling the Promise made to Ghanaians, by rolling out the Free SHS Policy. The Paper says the programme which will benefit over four hundred thousand students, will not only give financial relief to parents but improve on the quality of the county's human resource. According to the Graphic, any new policy comes with implementation challenges so it hopes all anomalies will be looked at and improved in subsequent years. As the Policy is being launched today, the Graphic calls on government to critically look at improving infrastructure and motivate teachers to put off their best in order not to compromise quality.

The Ghanaian Times calls on government to take tough measures against illegal foreign labour migration agencies that lure Ghanaian young ladies to work under harrowing conditions in Gulf countries. The paper says even though government has suspended all illegal foreign labour agencies, it thinks there are still some who operate on its blind side. The Times urges government to work closely with the security agencies to track down all foreign illegal labour migration agencies to save innocent young ladies.