Constitute boards of all government entities – Minority to President

| Updated Sep 05, 2017 at 6:42pm



The Minority in Parliament is pressing on the president to constitute the boards of all government entities to ensure best corporate governance practices.

The minority leader Haruna Idrissu at a news conference in Accra said a recent development at ADB leaves much to be desired.

He said the minister of finance wrote a letter to the bank asking it to provide a GH¢10 million loan to shipping company and the actions of the minister does not augur well for governance.

He said even if the loan was to finance a cocobod project through sole sourcing, that in itself was illegal as the public procurement authority through which such dispensations are to be made does not have a board.

He said if by the end of the year, boards, authorities and councils of institutions are not properly constituted, the minority will not be part of the approval of their budgets.