Psychiatric Unit of Ashanti Regional Hospital in dire need of medical supplies

| Updated Aug 28, 2017 at 3:00pm




The Psychiatric Unit of the Ashanti Regional Hospital in Kumasi has not received any medical supplies since January this year.

The Unit has therefore been prescribing medication for payment to patients, though such medicines are supposed to be free.

The Head of the Unit, Eunice Eghan, disclosed this to GBC in Kumasi during a visit to the Hospital by our correspondent.

She noted that the situation is negatively affecting mental health delivery since some of the drugs are not over- the-Counter medications and are therefore not on the market.

She added that those on the market are also very expensive.

According to Madam Eghan, the Psychiatric Unit was established at the Regional Hospital in July 2015 in compliance with the Mental Health law and has since seen too many mental health cases.

She mentioned Attempted Suicide, Epilepsy, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Depression among others.

She said attempted suicide cases are among the most frequently reported at the Unit and that the clients are brought there for Counseling.