Police Officer assaults journalist for asking question

| Updated Aug 25, 2017 at 8:00pm



The Western Regional branch of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has expressed shock and displeasure at the conduct of a police constable against Nana Adu Kyei Danso Abiam, the host of "Wcnsom wcnsom" a programme on skyy power FM.

The crime of the journalist was that he dared to ask the officer why he rode a motorcycle without a helmet.

The officer, identified as Constable Wilson Bossey, is said to have brutally assaulted Nana Abiam also known in the media as Akyeamehen.

This incident which occurred around Arch Bishop Porter Girls Senior High School, took the timely intervention of some taxi drivers to save the situation.

The facts available indicate that the victim who was in an Accra bound vehicle questioned the said officer why he rode a motorcycle without a crash helmet.

This angered the officer and he ordered the vehicle to stop and dragged the journalist from the car and physically assaulted him and later handed him to a police patrol team to be sent to the Sekondi police station.

And all this occurred because the journalist by his training felt it was within his right to ask why the constable who is a guardian of the law was also riding a motorcycle without a crash helmet as required by the law.

A statement jointly signed by Regional Executives of the GJA: Mr Zambaga Rufai, Acting Secretary, Mr Moses Dotsey, Chairman and Mrs Mildred Siabi-Mensah, Treasurer, (the Regional Executives of the GJA) expressed their displeasure by the unfortunate development orchestrated by not less a person than an officer in charge of enforcing the laws of the country.

Consequently, "we demand an absolute and thorough investigation into the matter by the Regional Police Command; refund of the transport fare including a compensation package for interrupting his planned programme schedules".

We again demand the payment of the hospital bills incurred by the victim after the unprovoked and severe beatings he suffered at the hands of Police Constable Bossey.

The executive members said they are committed to work in collaboration with the police service to promote and maintain law and order in the country, but they were also bound by duty to expose officers and citizens who would engage in any form of lawlessness to subvert the democracy of the country.

"The conduct of the journalist in question we believe was in the right direction, he has constantly demonstrated his love for the country through his civic education programme on skyy power FM "Wcnsom wcnsom".

'We are counting on your cooperation as we work together to sanitize our democracy as a country, address breeding lawlessness, promote good governance and to make democratic Ghana safer for all citizens".