Ankaful Authorities Considering Discharging Mentally-Ill Patients

| Updated Aug 22, 2017 at 8:09am



Authorities at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital say they are considering discharging patients because of lack of support from the government.

Interacting with the media, the Acting Clinical Coordinator of the Ankaful Mental Hospital at Cape Coast in the Central Region, Dr. Emefa Dadzie, said feeding of the inmates has become a burden, as creditors are unwilling to supply them foodstuffs due to the accumulated debt.

“First of all, feeding the patients, taking care of patients, is becoming a very great burden to us. Even recently, we had to scramble together to get money to buy a meal for a day for the patients because we are not getting the funds from the government as we need to. They promised us from the beginning of the year till now. Even the little money they promised to give us, we’ve still not received it yet so we are having difficulties,” she said.