Legacy of Veteran Soldier of World War 11, "Oldest" Living MOBA Old Boy, Albion Mends 11

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Oldest Living MOBA Old Boy, Albion Mends 11


Mr. Albion Mends 11 with his children.
Grandchildren of Albion Mends 1..
We must always remember the past, to help us understand the present and to guide us for the future.

If we do not know where we came from, we will not recognise where we are now, neither would know where we are going.

"What a great Facebook Memory of the Great Mends Family of Saltpond, Cape Coast and United States of America.

Paa Grant invited Ghanaian VIPs to meet at the House of "MR. ALBION MENDS' at Saltpond in 1947, which continued the struggle for Ghana's Independence.

The said Mr. Albion Mends l gave birth to Mr. Albion Mends Jnr, who is now regarded as the oldest living Old Boy of Mfantsipim School.

Mr. Albion (99) is still alive because of God and his children's care.

He was arrested on the first day of Rawlings PNDC Revolution in 1982 for supporting the PNP Government and serving as an Aide to Mr. Doughan, the Central Regional Minister under Dr. Hilla Limann.

They beat and tortured him and his children to our shock as he was not a bad man at all in our area.

The Veteran Soldier of the Second World War was whisked away by his daughters via Lagos to America, where his first born Child, Albion Albino Mends had gone to prepare a place for him and his siblings.

The friend of the Latin-speaking and popular Mr Albion Mends, Mr. Doughan, did not survive the PNDC brutality but Mr. Albion did, by the grace of God.

We love Mr. Albion Mends of F34/1 Kawanupado in Cape Coast, where he brought up all his beautiful children with his late gracious and beautiful wife, Auntie Nana Effuah, whom we loved so much.

In fact, we used to live with the US-based children of Mr. Albion Mends ll at Kawanupado -namely Albino, Clarence, Segu, Baaba, Kojo, Araba, Priscilla, Elsie and Kofi Sika.

They are God-loving, generous, cultured and sweet. What a beautiful life story of the descendants of Mr. Albion Mends l.

We watched 'The Destiny Sprint Race of 1968' that left an indelible print on our memories.

We shall one day soon tell this story but in the meantime, this is Mr. Albion Mends ll, whose Father's House - Canaan Lodge - was used as Foundation Stone of Ghana's Independence.

May God Bless Mr. Albion Mends ll and his Children, surrounding him in content and happiness!"

By: Kofi Freeman Amponsa-Dadzie.