Police MTTD Takes Up Responsibility Of Towing Broken Down Vehicles

| Updated Aug 21, 2017 at 4:00pm



The Police MTTD says it does not have the equipment needed to tow broken down vehicles as directed by government.

The police have always been in charge of towing broken vehicles on the roads until recently when the mandatory towing levy was passed.

The levy faced serious resistance, forcing government to halt its implementation.

A letter signed by the Minister of Transport has directed the police MTTD to continue doing its job of towing the broken vehicles.

However, the Head of Education, Research and Training Unit of the Motor Transport Traffic Department, ASP Alexander Obeng, says it lacks the capacity and relies on private individuals to tow the vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committed Drivers Association, Charles Danso says it is welcome news that government has decided to suspend the mandatory towing levy policy.

In an interview with Radio Ghana, Mr Danso said there are laws which mandate the police to ensure that broken-down vehicles are moved from the road, and therefore government must resource the Police MTTD to carry out its mandate.

He also cautioned drivers to ensure that their cars are in good condition.