Government asked to present true picture of economy to foster investor confidence

| Updated Aug 14, 2017 at 10:37am



A lecturer at the University Of Cape Coast Business School, Dr John Gatsi has urged government to always present a true picture of the economy to foster confidence among the investor community.

He said a government that present a one way picture that does not correspond with the reality on the ground creates mistrust.

Dr Gatsi was speaking on GBC's Current Affairs programme "Talking Point” which looked at the Ghana Economic Forum and how Ghanaians can own the economy.

Dr Muntaka Alolo of the office of the Vice President noted that govt inherited a bad economy, but due to prudent policies, the economy is being revived.

He said though some targets are not being met, revenue collection has improved, whiles some loop holes have been plucked.

A former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Murtala Mohammed, was of the view that the current government is not giving credit to the previous administration when it is trumpeting its seven months achievement.

He said government is only building on the good foundation laid by the previous administration.

He asked government to focus on building a robust economy that will inure to the benefit of the ordinary Ghanaian.