11th August, 2017

| Updated Aug 11, 2017 at 11:00am



The Daily Graphic is asking the Public Account Committee, (PAC), to help mend the leakages in the public purse. The committee resumed sitting last week to hear cases of financial mismanagement identified in the last auditor general's report. According to the Graphic, the revelations are alarming considering the country's current economic state. The paper encourages PAC to evoke it constitutional powers to the fullest by ensuring that those found culpable of embezzling funds from the ordinary task payer are brought to book.

The Ghanaian Times Agrees with the call by the Controller and Accountant- General to call off debt of defunct state companies since the companies that have incured such debts are no longer in operation. The paper however, does not subscribe to the view that state owned enterprises are just money-winding institutions. The Times believe the industrial transformation agenda by the president requires that state entities perform well and deliver on their core mandate to support the economic growth of the country.

The Daily heritage support calls by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Pensions Regulatory Authority, Mr. David Abbey who is urging workers to report employers who fail to pay pension contributions. According to the paper, series of stories reveal how some employers exploit their workers for years. The Daily Heritage therefore urges Ghanaian workers to lodge a complaint against employers who refuse to pay their pension contributions.