17th July, 2017

| Updated Oct 06, 2017 at 11:28pm



The Ghanaian Times calls on the police administration to resource its personnel and ensure that they make use of those logistics in protecting their lives and extending same to the civilian population. The paper notes that the recent attacks on police personnel should be a wakeup call to provide personnel with basic logistics like bullet proof vests, communication gadgets, guns and cars. The Times says the killing of policemen by armed men is becoming one too many and a solution ought to be found to avert this unfortunate trend.

The Daily Heritage says sex among teenagers has regrettably become inevitable particularly in second cycle and tertiary institutions due to several factors including pressure. The paper notes that though religious groups are complementing efforts at ensuring abstinence, social pressure is pushing teenagers into very dangerous habits like the use of aphrodisiacs to exhibit their sexual prowess. To this end, some moralists have called on the youth to resort to the use of condoms and other contraceptives to prevent diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancies. The Daily Heritage however advises teenagers to be cautious with the use of contraceptives, lest they risk developing complications in future when they are ready to conceive.

The Daily Graphic applauds the partnership between the USAID and GES to promote reading in basic schools across the country a step in the right direction, especially so when literacy skills are low not only among children but even among university students and graduates. According to the paper, findings have revealed clearly that the present use of English language as the medium of instruction is not yielding the desired results. The Graphic therefore thinks a lot depends on GES, the Ministry of Education and indeed, the government to put in place the enabling environment to encourage pupils to develop reading skills in their earlier stages of education.