Bays Water Industries closed down indefinitely following agitation by residence at Adina

| Updated Apr 06, 2017 at 8:00am



The Indian owned salt company, Bays Water Industries Limited located at Adina in the Ketu South district of the Volta Region has been closed down indefinitely following an agitation by local residence in which they destroyed and caused severe damage to the factory.

In the event, one of the angry demonstrators Atsu Nkegbe, 22 years was allegedly hit by stray bullet from the Police who were deployed to protect the factory.

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa who visited the Adina community and the factory appealed to the chiefs, opinion leaders and residents to be calm down assuring them that the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) will get to the bottom of the matter for redress.

Radio Ghana's Volta Regional Correspondent Kosikuma Hovi filed this report.

The Bays Water Industries Limited located at Adina in the Ketu South District was established by Indian investors a few years back for the mining of commercial salt.

The company until the vandalisation was producing one hundred thousand tonnes annually within the lagoon area surrounded by many local communities including Gbevekofe, Adina, Atsukorfe, Martinkorfe, Sontom and many others who depend on the said lagoon for their livelihood in terms of fishing and salt mining.

The precursor for the recent unrest centered on claims that government has handed over the mining concession to India expatriates to the detriment of their livelihood and that mining salt on commercial basis in the area is causing water shortage.

They also blamed the company for drilling boreholes for underground water thereby depleting the water table that feeds their local salt wells instead of drawing water from the sea.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the company, Adams Mensah said they have scheduled a date with the locals to iron out their grievances which never happened before the unfortunate demonstration.

Mr. Mensah took the minister and members of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) round the damaged equipment and infrastructure in the yard. He said the destroyed equipment of the meteorological department saying, it is the cause of lack of rainfall in the area.

Mr. Mensah said they also vandalized water pumping machines and heavy duty equipment, smashed windows and doors to the structures and even attempted to set ablaze a 33Kv standby generating plant.

The Volta Regional Police Commander, ACP Nana Asoma Hinneh condemned the act and called on the security personnel on guard to arrest those who might make attempts to continue the vandalization in order to process them for court on criminal charges.

The Volta Regional Minister Dr. Archibald Letsa who appealed for calm disclosed that, a committee will be set up at the earliest time available to get the issue resolved for peace to prevail and win the investor confidence in the area.