20th March, 2017

| Updated Apr 06, 2017 at 6:00am



The Daily Graphic describes the Ghana School Feeding Programme which was started in 2005 as the most important social intervention by government that seeks to encourage many more needy children to go to school. It says under the programme about 1.7 million pupils in 216 districts across the country are fed. For this reason, the Graphic underscores the need for all stakeholders to come together and address the challenges confronting the initiative such as political interference. The paper says the scheme was put in place to have a national character and it will be absolutely wrong for providers to be booted out each time a new government comes into office.

The Ghanaian Times appeals to the public to support President Akufo-Addo to achieve his vision. The paper says the size of government does not actually need to ensure effectiveness and efficiencies in the act of government to fulfil the aspiration of the people. It says the demanding nature of turning around the country within the short to medium term requires a certain number of ministers for the purpose. In the light of this, the rate of socio-economic growth will depend on the adequacy of the number of ministers brought in to ensure proper delivering of the programme at hand. The paper urges the public to support government to deliver after which they can confidently judge their performance.

The Today Newspaper in the same regard urges Ghanaians to bury their political differences and support government to achieve its objectives of building a strong economy. It says every Ghanaian stands to benefit if the economy is improved. The paper is of the view that the people's approach to building a democratic culture from the beliefs of the political parties instead of the national values is killing initiatives. The Today Newspaper believes that national development issues must be placed above partisan considerations so that with unity of purpose Ghanaians can provide solutions to the country's developmental challenges.