Northern Region adjudged best 2016 neonatal health performing region

| Updated Apr 06, 2017



The Northern Region was adjudged the best performing region in the country in neonatal health in 2016.

Under the Ghana Health Service National League Table, the Northern Region recorded one death per hundred thousand live births, achieving way beyond the national average of three point eight deaths per hundred thousand live births.

The Northern Regional Director of Health, Dr. Jacob Mahama in a speech read on his behalf, at the launch of maternal, newborn and infant and child sustainable health efforts by the CCFC.

The project dubbed PROMISE is funded by the Canadian Government through Global Affairs Canada.

It is being implemented across three districts in the Northern Region including Savelugu, Saboba and Nanumba North Districts.

It seeks to reduce maternal and infant mortality by delivering essential health services to mothers, pregnant women, newborns and children less than five years.

It was also revealed that, in spite of achieving the highest antenatal coverage in the country, the northern region was last in terms of maternal deaths.

The region recorded a ten year old record of 207 deaths per hundred thousand live births.

Maternal mortality in the region is generally on the increase.

It also registered sixty six deaths in 2014, the figure rose to ninety three in 2015 and one hundred and thirty eight in 2016.

Low acceptance of family planning in the region, inadequate health personnel, poor road network and transportation have been identified as some of the causes of the high rate of maternal and child mortality in the region.