17th February, 2017

| Updated Apr 02, 2017 at 4:00pm



The Daily Graphic writes on the agitation by a group called the Homeland Study Group Foundation based in the Volta Regional capital Ho, for the secession of the Volta Region from Ghana.

The group is said to be stirring up emotions in the region for the restoration of Western Togoland as a state and is set to declare independence on May 9, 2017.

The paper says ordinarily it pays no attention to the issues raised by the group but this time the group has been trumpeting anti- national and separatist agenda and is surprised it has been enjoying media spotlight.

The paper says Ghana needs peace to facilitate growth and development and hence the need for government step in and not allow the grievances of a few to destabilise the stability of the country.

The Ghanaian Times supports the renewed commitment between Ghana and the United Kingdom to boost trade and business ties.

The Times says the relationship between the two countries dates back several decades and Ghana has been the recipient of British aid.

The paper maintains that the exit of Britain from the European Union will put Ghana in crises, therefore the meeting is an opportunity to reflect on future relations without the benefit of the European Union market.

The Times, commends the two countries for the fruitful relations and hopes that Ghana-UK trade and business ties will continue to improve in the future.