Actor Diesel stars in 'XXX Return of Xander Cage'

| Updated Mar 25, 2017 at 4:00am



Action man Xander Cage is back. The extreme athlete turned government operative comes out of self-imposed exile and is set on a collision course with deadly alpha warrior Xiang in the movie ‘XXX Return of Xander Cage’.

It is 15 years since the first film of this popular action saga and this third movie in the series had its premier in Mexico earlier this month.

The cast is convinced its going to be a big hit with audiences.

“I think they’re going to love everything about this movie. I think that they’re going to love the action. I think they’re going to love the fact that Xander Cage has come back and he’s returned. I think that they’re going to love the women that are in this movie,” Vin Diesel told reporters.

“It’s a roller coaster ride. There’s explosions and bombs and cool stunts. It’s really, really fun and if you’re into big action movies, you’re going to love this movie,” opined actress Nina Dobrev

Recruiting an all-new group of thrill-seeking cohorts, Xander finds himself enmeshed in a deadly conspiracy that points to collusion at the highest levels of world governments.

The new installment of “XXX” is directed by D.J. Caruso, whose credits include “Disturbia”, “Taking Lives” and “Two for the Money”.

“I think that audiences are going to love the adrenaline rush of the action. They’re going to love the humor, they’re going to love meeting new characters that are surrounding Xander Cage – Vin Diesel’s character – and I think all in all, it’s just a great adrenaline rush of a ride that celebrates individualism and these individuals all come together. They collectively do something really important,” said the director.

The film also stars Ruby Rose, Nicky Jam, Nina Dobrev, and Ariadna Gutierrez-Arevalo. It opens worldwide this month.

SOURCE: euronews