Churches Compete For Vigil Night Advertising Space In Kumasi

| Updated Mar 22, 2017 at 9:00am



With just hours left for Churches to hold vigils to see off this year and welcome 2017, there is a scramble for advertising space in the Ashanti regional capital for churches to mount their promotional campaign for their respective church activities.

A drive through Kumasi by Radio Ghana’s Correspondent to gauge the mood of the city for the Watch night church service showed that all the intersections, roundabouts and places that have potential for higher visibility have billboards of various sizes, shapes, designs, colours and promotional messages inviting members of the public to worship with them.

Aside from the billboards, there are also banners and posters also of varied nature.

The billboards have different but attractive messages announcing the 31at December last church service. Among the catch phrases are; '31st December Watch-night Service', 'Cross-Over', 'Change-Over', 'A night of Transition', 'Pass-Over', 'A night of supernatural encounter' and 'A night of Grace'.

Radio Ghana’s Nicholas Osei-Wusu finds out from a Graphic Designer, Emmanuel Owusu Baffuor, what goes into the design and mounting of billboards, banners and posters as communication tools. According to him, production of such advertising materials go through certain processes and at a cost.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly which is responsible for the regulation of the erection of communication materials as adverts, also charges some amount of fees before granting the permit for them.

The charges consider the size, duration and location of the billboard. Godwin Okumah Nyame, the Public Relations Officer of the KMA, explained further how much fees and processes the churches need to go through to get permission to mount the promotional materials.

Interestingly, some of the churches are offering certain packages to woo any people to worship with them, particularly the occasional goers.

One of the churches, for instance, will provide free buses for the worshippers to and from the church premises as well as offer free child care services to parents.

The Leader of the Shinning Grace International Chapel, Prophet Ogya Nyame, gave a hint of what worshipper should expect during the Change-Over or Pass-Over church service indicating that he will foretell the what will happen in the country in the ensuing year.